Statement of Purpose

House Bill No. 1 of the 59th Legislature Special Session in December 2005 authorized the appropriation of funds for a facility condition assessment of K-12 public school facilities within the State of Montana. The Architecture & Engineering Division (A&E) of the Department of Administration administered this project for the State.

The Department submitted its Final Report, an executive summary of the assessments with findings and recommendations, to the Legislative Fiscal Division on July 1, 2008.

This website you are viewing was created to provide schools and districts with convenient and easy access to building-specific assessment information that was collected as a part of this investigation and assessment process, and which made up the bulk of the valuable information that was summarized in an abridged form in the Final Report.

To accomplish this project within the time allowed and without hiring additional ongoing operational staff, the State Architecture & Engineering Division chose to utilize existing resources within State Government, the Montana University System and private sector to complete the majority of the work required for this study. The Contacts section of this website includes information about these and other resources, which continue to be available for schools and districts wanting to address facility deficiencies within their buildings and campuses:

  • Montana Department of Environmental Quality – for energy efficiency tips and assistance, information about financing options, guidance for schools considering performance contracting, and links to utility company energy programs.
  • Montana Department of Commerce – for information about the Montana Schools Facility Grant Program initiated by the 61st Montana Legislature.
  • Montana University System – for training in the use of the State’s standardized Facility Condition Inventory assessment program, which is available to schools and districts desiring to adopt this award winning program for updates and continued use.
  • Montana Office of Public Instruction – for a link to the Final Report as well as a wealth of other facility and non-facility information related to Montana’s public school facilities.
  • Additional Inspection Resources – for links to architecture and engineering firms that participated in this study.

The Architecture & Engineering Division hopes you find this website useful as a resource in the ongoing management of your schools. If you encounter problems in the use of this website or if you cannot find the information you are seeking please email Chris Wickham with a detailed explanation of the issue. With this help we will be able to ensure this website’s continued use as a valuable resource for all schools.